"Minimalism has shaped my life and not in the way you think."


We work from a collaborative-based approach where you are included in the process from start to finish. The ultimate goal is for you to establish more intentional and productive habits in your daily routine.

The Founder

Meet Darlene Gahite, the founder and professional organizer of SYSTM. A DIY enthusiast, interior design fangirl and mental health supporter.

After a difficult period with mental health in her early twenties, Darlene discovered the concept of minimalism and began implementing practices of mindfulness, essentialism and minimal aesthetics within her lifestyle. Since then, she continues to practice these values which has brought on a life of intentional living, being present and holistically making space for what matters most.

With a professional background in social work and in administrative roles within the corporate sector, Darlene has an extensive amount of experience in assisting individuals in creating structure in their lives and introducing concepts of essentialism through time management, prioritization and productivity.

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The Story

Founded in August 2020, SYSTM is a professional home organizing service based out of Toronto, ON, CA. We were created to help people feel more connected with their spaces, learn how it influences their mood and determine an effective method of maintaining an organized space.

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Guiding Principles

Minimize clutter, establishing new layouts and reshaping your milieu.

Finding inspiration from timeless design, slow living and neutral colour palettes.

Developing long-term solutions and healthy habits to maintain your organized home.

Prioritizing the value of intentional living and how it interconnects with all aspects of your life.


"Your home is a living space, not a storage space."

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