"Organizing a space is more than a home transformation.”

In-home service



This is the initial assessment of your home. This assessment will involve taking measurements, before photos and getting to know you and your project goals.



We visit your home and develop a plan on how to curate your space based on your lifestyle. You deserve to live in a clutter-free home.



We’re here to help make that process easier for you! We will do the research, shopping and delivery of all your products.

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In-person experience of planning and executing your home project together
Personal coaching on creating more intentional habits and how to maintain your space
Minimizing, establishing new layouts and organizing your space
Building furniture and/or storage solutions
Disposal service of unwanted items

Virtual services



Do you prefer to go digital? You take the lead in your home project. Through video conference sessions and a shared cloud, we will develop a cohesive plan to organize a space that you deserve.




Your instruction manual made just for you. If you’re a DIY enthusiast and need a one stop shop on product recommendations and a second opinion, this package is for you!



Let’s have one on one sessions together on creating an ideal home for you. This is an opportunity to meet with me and discuss your personal goals with your home project.



What are your payment methods?

I accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, e-transfer and gift cards issued by Square. I process payments through Square and carry a Square Reader with me to all in-home jobs to accept payments.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do offer payment plans! I have the option of accepting 2 or 4 installments of payment. If that does not work for you, let's connect!

Do you offer custom labels?

At this time, I do not offer custom labels. I typically use a standard labeller with all my projects but I'm happy to implement your own labels. Also, I can definitely recommend some awesome small businesses that do custom labels!

Where do you typically source for organizing products?

I shop at a variety of places based on the project goals and budget. Common places I shop at are Ikea, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Amazon, Solutions, Jysk and Home Depot.

I shared a guide on Instagram on places I personally love shopping for organizing products. Here's the post: A shopping guide for your organizing needs

Do you only work with millennials?

Not at all! I am open to working with anyone who shares the same desire of creating a home and personally aligns with adapting the concepts of intentional living.

Are you able to organize a space with budget-friendly organizing products?

Absolutely. There are great, inexpensive products out there that serve the same purpose as higher-priced items and are visually inviting! We can have an open discussion on your budget and determine your style inspiration.

Mary D. | @mxrygd

I was really happy with the service I received from Darlene. She was kind, respectful and understanding throughout the whole process. She took her time to understand what I needed and truly helped declutter my study area. I recently went back to school, so I needed a space to designate as my study/wfh area. Darlene understood this really well and helped me create a space free of items that had no purpose in this space, while also being respectful of a few items that I wanted to keep. Her service was exactly what I needed and I highly recommend it!

Jennifer Y. | @inyauhouse

Darlene was extremely fun and easy to work with. The whole process was seamless. First, we had a video call with her to let her know our needs and visions for our new closet space. Within the week, Darlene provided a beautiful and helpful guide that she designed for our space. The user-friendly guide provided us with many resources to reorganize our space. Darlene kept us accountable throughout the project with much needed check-in messages and meetings. We could not have done it without you, thank you SYSTM!

Maria S. | @mahreeeyah

We had Darlene come in to do onsite organizing of our closets and bathrooms. From the moment we spoke on the telephone I just knew it was a great fit! She came in decluttered, purged and confirmed our needs and wants while giving us a detailed plan and course of action. She then came and transformed our lives with her organizational skills. Everything was so much neater and had a spot! Till this day I will message and praise her work!

Nicole E. | @thenourishnote

Darlene is lovely to work with. She was available for questions and her answers were direct and to the point. She's knowledgeable on organizational products and did a great job finding furniture/organizational products that fit my space! I was most impressed by her ability to make recommendations that I actually liked and stuck to my budget. Darlene is great at what she does.


"Your home is a living space, not a storage space."

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